Why Choose The 123Diet?

The 123Diet is a unique weight loss program designed for those who are ready to conquer sustainable long term weight loss. Trusted and loved by thousands of men and women worldwide, the quickest and easiest way to lose weight and get healthy. Say hello to your dream body and say goodbye to weight loss struggles.

How It Works

A 3 step approach to changing habits for a healthy lifestyle. Take the 123Diet support drops 3 times per day before your meals to help suppress appetite and reduce sugar cravings, while following our simple and easy to follow healthy meal plan. No calorie counting, just real results!

Boost your weight loss journey with researched ingredients, trusted by Australia.
PLUS gain access to our

  • 24/7 support for your transformation journey
  • Exclusive members group for inspiration
  • Nutritionalist approved meal plan
  • Great recipe ideas, make it as simple or fancy as you like

Live a healthier life and lose weight for good with the proven 123Diet success program.

Clean eating meal plan, great support, great recipes, and more.

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How do I do the 123Diet?

Just spray 123Diet drops under your tongue fifteen minutes before each meal and follow our meal plan.

See a wide range of tasty recipes in our free recipe book, including gluten free, vegan & vegetarian friendly recipes.

Download our free recipe book for inspiration.

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  • Michelle's Story

    I found the 123Diet® drops and meal program very easy to manage. It was the most successful diet I have ever done. I lost 9 kilos and also stomach fat and was able to successfully maintain my weight while learning new recipes along the way. The combination of both the diet and the drops led to successful weight loss for me.

  • Lu's Story

    I've always had trouble losing weight. Every other diet I have done I have put the weight back on straight after. I successfully lost 12 kilos quickly but without ever feeling hungry or deprived and I've kept it off. I enjoyed creating delicious meals that I could share with my family and I still make them now. I'm so grateful I found this diet!

  • Raelene's Story

    I have used the 123 Diet® Drops on and off for a few years now and always get amazing results. Easy to maintain weight loss and the support is amazing!